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Living and Traveling Gluten Free in Austria

When I was 21 years old, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Although this was horrible news, I was happy to finally understand why I wasn’t feeling that great. So many people don’t even understand what celiac disease or gluten intolerance actually is.

People always say…

  • What foods have gluten?

  • What happens if you eat gluten?

  • Man… that must suck…

  • What's gluten again?

It is Frustrating to have limited options in specific scenarios, like not being able to order food from a pizza place at 1:00 in the morning when everything else is closed. Or going to a restaurant and literally finding only ONE meal that I actually can eat on the entire menu…

However, I don’t miss gluten too much. I don’t miss eating donuts, burgers and pizzas because ultimately, those foods make me feel like garbage anyway. I have learned that the healthier I eat, the better I feel. That alone is fantastic motivation for me to eat a clean gluten free diet.

But the question I want to answer today is - what’s it like eating gluten free in Salzburg? Are there many gluten free options in Austria?

Here’s my advice.

The typical Austrian diet does not favor the celiac… Let’s be honest, Austrians drink a LOT of beer, eat a lot of bread and their famous dishes will most likely have gluten in it, such as: Knödel, Kaspressknödel, Schnitzel Käsespätzle or Goulash.

However, here are some ways to counter all this GLUTEN!


It also depends heavily on how allergic to gluten you are. As mentioned, I am diagnosed as celiac and although it is not advised by my doctor I find that after 1 or two litres of beer, I still have zero negative symptoms. I wake up and feel fine the next day.

Bread on the other hand - I can’t touch it, it will destroy me!

How to eat a Gluten Free diet in Salzburg, Austria.

1. What’s it like eating at restaurants?

Unfortunately, Austria does not seem to be totally aware of the gluten problem. Meaning, some menus won’t even contain the allergy information. If they don’t, you’ll have to ask and trust me, 99% of the time the waiters will be very nice and try to find a solution for you. Austria is known for having fantastic hospitality at restaurants.

If you are severely gluten intolerant, I would recommend that you double check with the waiter that the food DOES NOT TOUCH GLUTEN. However, I am sure you’re doing that anyway.

What is the best gluten free food in Austria?

  • Schweinsbraten, which is roasted pork with cabbage however, I recommend to swap the Knödel for fries. (If you don’t know what Knödel is, it’s basically a bread dumpling.)

  • Grillteller, which is a range of meat cuts grilled, usually pork, chicken, beef and sausage. It comes with grilled veggies and fries usually.

  • Bratwurst - fantastic tasting sausages.

  • Weisswurst - another fantastic tasting sausage however, don’t forget to peel the skin off it!

  • Tafelspitz, which is boiled beef. I would double check this one, make sure there is no gluten.

What are the best gluten free restaurants in Salzburg?

  1. Die Weisse - as I mention below, this place has fantastic hospitality, amazing food and their own GLUTEN FREE BEER!

  2. Stieglkeller - the service here is the best. Ever. These guys will take care of you. However, this place does not offer many vegetarian places.

  3. Xinchao - Vietnamese Street Food. This is the far from the Austrian culture but this place offers amazing Vietnamese food.

I know. I know, it's a lot of meat, sorry if you don't like that. Austrians love their meat!

2. Where to buy gluten free products in Salzburg, Austria?

Most small supermarkets have a section in a totally random place where they have a few gluten free food options. The brand “Schär” and “Free From” usually dominate this space so look for these brands!

However, I find the best place to go is to a “Reformhaus”. Just google that and you’ll find one. These stores are ridiculously overpriced, but what do you expect… Living gluten free was never cheap!

3. Where to find Gluten Free Beer in Salzburg, Austria?

I’ve looked long and hard to find gluten free beer in Austria… To conclude, there aren’t many options…

Most supermarkets sell disgusting, tiny overpriced beer that is always warm.

You will find some beers in the “Reformhaus” (such as rice beer) however, they are also really overpriced.

My best advice I can give you here is to go do Die Weisse! They have a fantastic tasting Gluten Free Wheat beer. It’s also served in half a liter bottles which is way better than these pathetic 330 ml bottles that you have to sell your left toe to afford.

I have lived in Austria for over 2 years now and will be more than happy to help you out if you need more information. Tap here to contact me or just message me on social media!


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