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What is the AustrianKiwi Podcast?

Oh no… another podcast?

As of today, there are over 2 million podcasts in the world.

So why listen to this one?

I moved to Austria at the age of 21. Anyone that has lived in a different country, with a different language and different culture can agree it’s quite a difficult challenge.

My life in New Zealand was completely different from my life now, In Austria.

However, I have learned to absolutely love Austria and the strong culture that comes with it.

In 2021, I started making skits on TikTok and Instagram sharing, in a comedic way, what life is like here in Austria for me.

This podcast shares the comical, “hoppala filled” journey of me (a New Zealander) trying to integrate and live in Austria.

So why should you listen?

If you want to follow my journey, changing from a New Zealand beach boy into a REAL Austrian, and most probably fail a lot along the way, give the podcast a listen!

Listen to the Intro 🎙

Jonny Balchin recording a podcast with Gabrielle from the English Center

Contact me!

Send an email to:

How did the podcast begin?

When sitting on a bench up Kapuzinerberg with my good Australian friend Luke Cutting, I had an idea.

Luke and I would spend hours discussing what life is like in Austria compared to Australia and New Zealand.

Luke had told me numerous stories of his embarrassing failures he’s had when trying to integrate to Austrian culture.

I told Luke numerous stories of my embarrassing moments.

My idea was, let’s put some microphones in front of us, tell the same stories, and share it with the world.

Hence, the “Winging It Podcast” was born.

This podcast was first called “The Winging It Podcast” because Luke both agreed that most of the time, we were just “Winging It”, whilst trying to fit into Austria.

As time went by, Luke flew back to Australia and I wanted to continue with the podcast.

So I changed things around, got a new logo and started the “AustrianKiwi Podcast”!


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