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An honest Salzburg review (from a New Zealander)

If you’re wondering “what is Salzburg like?” or even “where is Salzburg?” then you may find this blog article helpful and insightful.

After moving to Salzburg in 2019 I've gathered a fair bit of knowledge about this magnificent city and what it’s like living here. If you’re curious about Salzburg nightlife, food options, Salzburg beer and wine or you want to know what it’s like living in the city that old mate Mozart was born in then read on!

I’m a New Zealand bloke living in Austria and moved here after falling in love with an Austrian girl. I was backpacking in Cambodia when we met and after our spectacular adventure through Vietnam, I had no choice but to move to Europe.


Upon arrival in Salzburg, the most common place you’ll start your journey will be the main train station. This place is not so great to say the least. You’ll be welcomed by the outrageous behavior of homeless people. They dominate this area and let’s just say it’s not my favorite place to stop and sniff the roses…

Picture inside Salzburg Main Train Station, Salzburg Hauptbahnhof
Picture of Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. (Main train station)

However, one thing that you’ll be pleased to experience is the incredibly punctual, organized bus system. You can reach basically all corners of Salzburg by bus. All you need to do is scan the maps provided, buy a ticket from the ticket machines, Tabak store or the bus driver.

Okay anyway, to touch on some more pressing topics! You’ve arrived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Soon after arrival you’ll realize that this city is surrounded by walls of mountains and depending what time of year you come to Salzburg, they may be covered with snow.

After dropping your luggage at your place of stay, I’d recommend jumping on a bus and heading straight to the “Alt Stadt”, or the “old town” in English. This is where you’ll be taken aback by the history and architecture of this city. It’s absolutely magnificent. To be honest, I am barely the connoisseur of history, it’s not my cup of tea so you’ll have to go read elsewhere for that info.

Salzburg Food

Where should I eat in Salzburg? Keeping things plain and simple.

Austrian food:

If you want to have Austrian food, I would recommend Stiegl Keller. It’s got everything. Great menu, food, service and you’ll be treated with one hell of a view.

Healthy food:

I would get a phone out and google “Indigo”, “Uncle Van” or “Ping Pong Pokie”. All very fantastic options. They’re sort of a “pick and choose” style where you’ll be able to take white rice, brown rice or noodles and top it with whatever ya fancy. Most are perfect for gluten free (celiac) people such as myself as well as vegetarians.


For beer, it doesn’t get better than “Augustiner Brau”. If you like to “pause for a beer” or if you like to settle in for the evening, this place will sort you out. Just don’t be shocked at how much these Austrians drink though. In all seriousness, this place has Austria written all over it and will not disappoint.

Spar. I would also recommend going to one of the local supermarkets such as; Spar, Billa, Lida or Hofer. Grab a 6 pack of Zipfer and enjoy a nice afternoon by the Salzach river.

Salzach River:

This river is magnificent. It flows right through the center of the city, separating the old town from the other side (I’m not sure what the other side is called). You’ll no doubt absolutely love this river, it makes the city just that much more special.

View of Salzburg city at sunset
View of Salzburg at sunset


Sorry, If you came here to learn about Mozart you came to the wrong place, I know absolutely nothing other than he was born in Salzburg in 1756 and he made music.


With regards to the culture in Salzburg I would recommend, like any new city, that you be quite respectful. The people here are not exactly the kind that jump at the opportunity to socialize. Everyone seems to keep to themselves. Let’s just say if you walk down the main street shouting into a vlogging camera you’ll be getting a few wacky stares.

To wrap up, this place is a sight to see. Take it from a friendly Kiwi. Look forward to seeing you on the streets!

Check out our podcast to see how my Australian mate and I ended up in Europe.



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